Certification and insurance of goods

Certification of goods

There are two types of product certification in the Russian Federation and the Customs Union: mandatory and voluntary. The need for mandatory certification of products is regulated by the relevant legislation.

When importing and exporting goods, mandatory certification is necessary when the product and its HS CODE of the EAEU are in the lists of goods subject to mandatory confirmation of compliance. In these cases, the customs clearance specialist will not be able to issue a customs declaration without a corresponding document confirming that the product meets the requirements of technical regulations or GOST R.


Types of Certification

Our «NOVOTRUST» group of companies has vast experience in product certification. 

Сертификация товаров Новороссийск

The main types of certification performed by our company:

  • Declaration of conformity;

  • Certificate of conformity;
  • Certificate of state registration;
  • Quality certificate;
  • Phytosanitary and quarantine control;
  • Veterinary control.

When providing certification services, we perform the following works: 

  • consulting on cargo certification issues;

  • verification of the provided shipping documents;
  • preparation of applications to certification authorities;
  • preparation of document translations;
  • organization and conduct of inspection inspections on the territory of sea terminals (ports) with sampling;
  • organization of monitoring of the gas and air environment in containers;
  • ensuring the safety of cargo during inspection operations;
  • obtaining permits from certification services;
  • conducting mutual settlements with certification services at the client's expense.


Cargo insurance

The «NOVOTRUST» group of companies provides insurance services for all types of cargo, against all risks during storage, reloading from one  vehicle to another, loading goods at the shipper's warehouses and unloading them at the consignee's warehouses. The service may also include inspection of the cargo in case of damage and settlement of claims. 

Страхование грузов в Новороссийске

Insurance services are always aimed at protecting the client's interests and prompt payment of compensation

Insurance will help to compensate for the damage caused by unforeseen circumstances (for example: fire, explosion, accident, and other unpleasant events). 

Insurance is also needed for greater confidence in the safety of the cargo, it is so nice not to worry about the process and condition of the transported goods. The rules for cargo insurance for container transport are set out in the following documents:

  • Civil code of the Russian Federation.
  • Federal law No. 195-FZ of 30.12.2001 "Code of administrative offences of the Russian Federation".
  • Federal law No. 87-FZ of 30.06.2003 "On transport and forwarding activities".

The cargo insurance contract for container transportation is intended to clearly define the rights and obligations of the parties – both the customer and the company delivering the goods.


Types of Insurance Contracts

Cargo insurance contracts are of two types:

  • Limited liability, in this case, the company is not obliged to compensate the customer's losses related to destructive events happening spontaneously (flood, fire, earthquake, etc.).
  • Responsibility for all force majeure circumstances. In such an agreement, the company undertakes to pay all losses incurred by the customer in the event of damage or loss of value (total loss) of the cargo. It includes a list of all possible situations, except for those that are not considered accidental or are not assumed in any way: deliberate actions of the customer, military actions of the enemy, and other similar situations.     

In any of the above agreements, the following points are specified:

Виды договоров при страховании

  • All information about the cargo, the name, weight and dimensions of the items to be transported.
  • The entire list of documents required for the transaction.
  • Type of vehicle and method of transportation.
  • Address of the final destination.
  • The exact time of dispatch and delivery to the destination, the time of transportation.
  • The insured sum. It must be said that the insured sum of the cargo cannot be determined on one’s own. It consists of such things as the actual cost of the cargo, the possible commission and some of the costs associated with transportation.

We work with leading insurance companies that have a mandatory state license.

During the years of our work, there has not been a single insurance case, the cargo has always reached the consignee safely and intact!

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