Freight forwarding and warehousing

Forwarding at the port is a set of works related to handling or clearance of the cargo in the port of arrival with the mandatory implementation of all necessary procedures, issue of documents in cooperation with official state and port services.

The «NOVOTRUST» group of companies provides the following services: 

  • Consultations on freight forwarding in the port of Novorossiysk
  • Informing the Client about the arrival of the cargo;
  • Receipt of documents in the sea line;
  • Transfer of documents to the customs representative;
  • Organization and participation in customs operations with goods: inspections, surveys, weighing;
  • We make and send photos from customs / preliminary inspection, control the safety of the cargo. On request – recalculate / re-weigh cargo packages or individual items;
  • Control of the procedure for scanning the container with cargo (cargo inspection system);
  • Receiving an issued customs declaration from a customs representative;
  • Making settlements with the line at the Customer's expense;
  • Request/receipt of cargo-release documents in the lines;
  • Issue of customs documents for delivery of the cargo from the port territory;
  • Making changes into the port accounting document (if necessary);
  • Transfer of the full set of documents to the service centers of the ports for the cargo release;
  • Inspect the container after loading on the vehicle;
  • Organization of delivery of containers from the port;
  • Organization of return of an empty container to the terminal of the line;
  • Organize and control the reloading of import and export cargo from / to containers, trucks, rail cars, warehouses;
  • Organize storage of the cargo in covered warehouses;
  • We keep inventory records;
  • Additional work with the cargo: palletizing, repacking, repair / replacement of containers, weighing, marking, etc.

We provide additional services at your requests.

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