Multimodal international transportation

Multimodal international transportation involves the use of several adjacent vehicles in the delivery process, when the cargo is transported to its destination by two or more modes of transport on the basis of a single contract. The bulk of container cargo is transported in this way, combining the advantages of different modes of transport.

The most important requirements in the organization of multimodal international transportation are the coordination of transportation stages and their coordinated link-up at the transshipment points. The «NOVOTRUST» group of companies successfully provides them through effective control of the entire transport chain, working closely with the world's leading and Russian rail and road carriers.

An important factor in organizing multimodal international transportation is information about the cargo and its delivery time. All vehicles operated by us and our partners are equipped with a satellite tracking system that allows our customers to quickly get information about the location of the container and plan the delivery of the cargo to the final consumer.

Multimodal transportation achieves the main goal of reducing the delivery time and cost. A distinctive feature of this type of transportation is the presence of a single organizational, controlling and coordinating center of the transport company.


Services «NOVOTRUST»

The NOVOTRUST group of companies provides multimodal international transportation:

Мультимодальные перевозки Новороссийск

  • container transportation of goods in all directions: Western Europe, the middle East, South-East Asia, South and North America, Australia, Africa;

  • organization of export and import cargo transportation through the ports of Novorossiysk, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok;
  • full container service: delivery of containers for loading/unloading, return of empty containers;
  • organization of cargo transshipment in the port and delivery by road, railway transport to the consignee;
  • intraport forwarding;
  • chartering of vessels;
  • delivery of oversized and heavy loads and various wheeled / rolling equipment by RO-RO vessels;
  • performing the duties of the shipper when making shipping documents;
  • cargo insurance on the way.
  • cargo tracking.

Multimodal cargo transportation with the participation of sea transport has a number of advantages, among which the main ones are high throughput and carrying capacity, low cost of long-distance transportation. Sea vessels allow to carry out the intercontinental delivery of container cargo. 

The average speed of transport vessels is 14 knots per hour, and the maximum load capacity is 300 thousand tons. After the ship arrives at the port of destination, in Novorossiysk, and all customs procedures are carried out, we are ready to deliver the client's cargo by other means of transport - by road, by rail, to the final warehouse of the consignee.

As practice shows, multimodal transportation is currently the most popular service for the transportation and customs clearance of goods from Europe, China and America.

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