Transportation of perishable goods

The terms, transport of perishable goods, registration procedures and peculiarities of the cargo transportation directly depend on the nature of the specific goods to be delivered. Perishables or goods with a short shelf life are one of the most capricious types of goods. For such products, special storage and transportation conditions are required, strict compliance with the delivery terms, and during transportation issue of documents and customs procedures have a lot of peculiarities.

Perishables are goods that require special storage conditions to preserve their appearance and characteristics. All existing perishable goods can be divided into the following groups:

  • raw materials of animal origin: meat, fish, eggs, milk, caviar, etc.

  • raw materials of plant origin: berries, fruits, mushrooms, etc.
  • live plants, seedlings;
  • products of processing enterprises: sausages, frozen products, cheeses, etc.

Each type of perishable product requires special transportation conditions. In addition, many types of goods are not allowed to be transported together – for example, products that have a strong smell must be isolated from others.Перевозка скоропорта Новороссийск


Rules of transportation

The main requirement for the transport of perishable products is to comply with the prescribed temperature regime during the voyage.

For this purpose, special refrigerated containers are used, as well as isometric installations.

Depending on the load, the following modes can be used:

  • deep freezing (below 18 degrees);

  • frozen food (minus 10 to 18 degrees);
  • chilled goods (from minus 5 to plus 5);
  • fresh cargo - natural temperature is maintained;
  • preheated, to ensure the integrity and safety of which an increase of temperature is required.

If goods that require different modes are transported in one batch of perishables, a special insulating wall is installed inside the refrigerator. 

Our group of companies "NOVOTRUST" offers services for the transportation of perishable goods. Our experienced specialists are familiar with all the nuances of transportation of such goods, and you can be sure that the cargo will arrive to the consignee safely and on time.


Perishable goods transportation services

Перевозка скоропортящихся грузов

The «NOVOTRUST» group of companies provides the following services:

  • Full range of customs clearance of perishable cargo, verification and analysis of documents, calculation of customs payments;

  • refund of preferential payments;
  • Phytosanitary control of the goods;
  • Forwarding of perishables in the port;
  • Certification of cargo for customs clearance and further selling;
  • Survey services (quality and quantity control of cargo);
  • Storage and reloading of perishables;
  • Marking, re-marking, re-palletting of cargo
  • Cargo transportation from the shipper's door to the port or warehouse;
  • Sea freight;
  • Cargo insurance;
  • Delivery of cargo to the consignee in any region of the Russian Federation

The «NOVOTRUST» group of companies will perform clearance of your cargo within 24 hours and deliver it in proper quality, in full and on time.

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